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Apr 29, 2009
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Hi there everyone,

I was doing a bit of splash photography and although I simply could not get what I wanted, I just tried to work with what I had in front of me. Let me know what you think about this. A little odd I know...

Thanks in advance!
Regards, Canaan


Here are another couple shots, so there is something more to look at ;)

Anti · Gravity by Clawed1, on Flickr

Through Glass by Clawed1, on Flickr
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I do like this.
Nice. Especially the first 2
Nice attempts. Do you mind explaining more about the first one?
Nice try with these - I like them, but I suspect that Photoshop also helped, not that using Photoshop is a problem, a lot of splash and smoke photograpers are using it to create some very good abstract imagery.


Great to have you posting again clawed!! I've missed your creativity!
Nice shots Babe!!
Thank you everyone!
(I don't know how to multiquote, so I'll try to respond to a couple Qs)

enzodm: In the first, I dropped a strawberry into a pool of liquid, and I expected a small splash, but it ended up being huge, and staight up, which was totally unexpected. The color is not manipulated, I used two gelled flashes (basically a red and magenta). I duplicated and mirrored the image and turned it on it's side. I then used a smoke pic I took a couple nights ago and overlayed it in the middle, manipulating it's color slightly.

WesternGuy: It may be tough to believe, but these shots can be done with little to no processing. Specifically, #2 was almost straight out of camera! I rotated it 90 degrees, cleaned the dust spots off that I had, and sharpened... that's it. That is less editing than most other photogs do on ANY given shoot. The color was done using gels and the splash occurred naturally with how I decided to hit the water with other water.

If anyone has ANY specific questions at all, I do not believe in keep secrets with photography.

Thanks again!
lol I have a question.....Can I see a bigger version of your avatar? I just keep staring at it.
Thanks mishele, I tried to get a collision at first, but I did not have a proper setup for it, so I used a lot more force with the water, and got some bigger splashes. Do you use something specific to get a collision like that?

Oh, and yes... here is a larger image of my avatar:

Steel Blue by Clawed1, on Flickr
I like the "Through Glass"; that is a neat!


Thank you John, that one definitely required a bit of trial and error, but in the end, I got a really good splash by doing this at an angle.
Those are great! Fun to look at for sure. Did you just use like, a fish tank and water? Flash or continuous?

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