Would you buy a refurb camera?


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Mar 5, 2012
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I have been reading on sites like slickdeals that the refurbs are good from canon, and they are a good deal cheaper. I plan on getting a camera here in the next month or two. Here is my dillemma lol.

The t3i with 18-55mm lens would be 543 before tax with 20% off canon loyalty program.
The t2i with 18-55mm lens would be 457 before tax with 20% off canon loyalty program.

So for 100$ difference, and probably a couple hundred off of retail, is it worth it to get the refurb? I have never bought one before and definately not a camera refurb unit. Do parts in DSLRs wear out. Would buying a refurb effectively lower the life expectancy of it. I have always read that refurbs could actually be a bit better because they have been looked over twice and that they are sold be be "as good as new". I just wonder if it is like gambling buying a refurb. Otherwise, 543 for the t3i was in the ballpark of the t2i on sale with a lens. Basically, would I be better off waiting and buying the t2i new for 500 or even if the t3i is that much better, just wait till that drops to around 600 on a good deal from slickdeals.
I'd say if you're buying from a reputable dealer, it shouldn't be a problem. Colleague of mine, after switching from film to digital, never owned a new camera, all of his digital bodies were refurbished - no problems there.
The camera would be straight from canon. For a t3i kit for 550 bucks. I'd say thats a good deal, but are refurb lenses any good?
From what I've read, heard and saw, refurbished means it was used, repaired/cleaned and sold as refurbished. Compared to NEW where it is made in the factory, tested for quality and sent out to the store for sale. On that note, I'd take refurbished over used any day.
Doing some quick math, 679 base price for refurb -20% + 7.75% for sales tax puts me at just about 600 bucks. I have done some research and have seen new kits for just around this much. With the same stuff, the t2i would be 483 bucks. Who woulda thought camera shopping would be this tough lol. I guess I can wait for a deal on a new one, but I definately won't forget about this one. Hopefully that rumored t4i will drop this month and the t3 will drop a few bucks to seal the deal lol
Another option, that might be better, is to purchase gear used from someone you know personally.
I'm not a fan of buying used gear, however, I'll do so #1 if the price is right and #2 I know the person (how he/she used it).
Refurbished gear often has a better chance of being 'perfect', than off the shelf gear.

Consider this...
Most things are manufactured on some type of assembly line process. If something fails an inspection at any stage, it's pulled from the line. It may be something very minor. Then the item is inspected by hand, fixed and tested etc. It can't be simply put back into the assembly line, so it must be sold as refurbished. So not only is the item brand new, but it's been thoroughly tested and inspected by hand...which you can't say about most items that do come off the assembly line.

Of course, another source of refurbished gear is returns and demo models etc. This will have seen some use and may not be in 'like new' condition, but if they have been factory refurbished, then they get the same full inspection and testing...so you're practically guaranteed to get a good model (for a good price).
Yes from a dealer i know and trust. I married a refurbished women and I am happy :lmao:
Lol. Yeah so I guess if a deal doesn't come up within thecanon next month or so ill be getting the refurb t3i with 18-55 lens and will ask for the 55-250 lens for my birthday :) then I will be all set to go on a short vacation to the beach when I save up some cash. I think this is gonna be fun.

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Used would not appeal to me.........

Fully half my gear is used (not refurbished). No issues. Of course, caveat emptor is the rule of the day.
Looking here, both cameras seem pretty bad compared to the Nikon competitor lol. Sheesh, who would thought it'd be this tough. If this is the case between the two id be better off saving the hundred bucks and going for the t2I or searching around for a deal on the nikon. Do the nikons really take that much better of pictures?


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Do the nikons really take that much better of pictures?
Only if they have a better photographer using them. :er:

Coke vs Pepsi
Ford vs Chevy
Toyota vs Honda
Well on that site they have the image quality as an 80 f or the 5100 and 66 with the t2i as well as a few other things. The overall is like 77 for the nikon vs 59 on the t2i, but then again the nikon is like 200 bucks more. I guess it is a coke vs prosing kinda thing. I dont think I could go wrong with the t2i either way as a good all around starter camera. Ill see if my buddies have anything to say about the two. One has a canon and one has a nikon and they shoot all the same stuff so ill see about it.

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By the way, I think the T2i and the T3i are basically the same camera (same image quality etc.) but the T3i has a few body upgrades like an articulating screen and the ability to control slave flashes.
If you're strictly going on image quality, you save money to get the same thing with the T2i, but if the difference is less than say, $200. I'd go for the T3i over the T2i.

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