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Nov 8, 2007
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I do a lot of fine art applications to my wedding photos - which are largely taken using photojournalst techniques (in fact, I used to be a broadcast journalist). I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Wedding Photojournalists Association. I am considering applying/joining (if they accept me). Any advice would be appreciated. I will modify my galleries, but really want to keep the integrity of my work in tact. I know they don't like a lot of photoshop, but then I noticed they have the artistic guild (which you have to be an award-winning member to join). It seems to contradict how they judge your work to get accepted so I'm a little confused.

I hear it's a great organization though and it's a great way to increase wedding photography business. Any advice or help would be great before I apply. I hear they don't send rejection letters so you don't know if they rejected you for at least a few weeks... so I won't really be sure if my work fits their standards.

You can see my wedding photography here http://www.victoria-wedding-photography.com

Thank you in advance!
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Oct 1, 2007
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Welcome to TPF! I'm not sure I am the best person to answer your question, as I'm a noob too. I am just starting my business and have only shot one wedding solo (for a friend, on film, about 4 years ago) and assisted another photographer on 2 weddings. I love the photojournalistic style and have checked out the WPJA website before. I thought they were a bit pedantic. The whole notion that no shots can be posed, that everything has to reflect what naturally occurs, seemed far-fetched to me. All of the pictures showed beautiful brides with good posture that must be models, because they seemed inherently to know exactly how to pose (without any coaching or staging from the photographer, apparently). I don't know, but the world I live in and photograph isn't quite that perfect. I think there is a happy medium between formal portraits and the "shoot whatever is real" philosophy of WPJA. If brides were only interested in portraying things the way they really are, they wouldn't spend $1,000s on a dress, hair and make-up that make them look like a fairy-tale princess for 8 hours or so. I think they want a little fantasy and make-believe and romance in their pictures. And that takes a little planning. Just my opinion, though. I think it would be a great association if they weren't so rigid. With fine art, you can create and be true to your heart. With wedding photography, you'd better make sure you are being true to your client.

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