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    Beseler 23c Series II Photo Enlarger w/bulb $34
    Beseler Lens Board $23
    Nikon EL-Nikkor 50mm f/2.8 Enlarger Lens w/case and box $30
    Nikon EL-Nikkor 105mm f/5.6 Enlarger Lens w/case $47
    Beseler Mo. 8070 6x7cm MF Negative Carrier w/box $23
    Beseler Mo. 8055 35mm Negative Carrier w/box $9
    Beseler Negatrans 35mm Negative Carrier $15
    Fiber Paper Dryer $15
    Cole-Parmer TempTestr Digital Thermometer $13
    Beseler Mo. 8042 Heat Absorbing Glass w/packaging $7
    8x10, 5x7 3.5x5 Darkroom Easel Paper Holder $13
    11x14 Blade Easel Paper Holder $17
    Kodak Brownie Darkroom Lamp Kit Mo. B (2 domes, orange and green) $4
    Gralab Darkroom Timer $19
    35mm Film Canister Opener $2
    3 8x10 Chemical Trays $7
    35mm Stainless Steel Developing Tank w/extra reel $9
    Large Squegee for Prints $1
    Ilford Multigrade Filter Set 00-5 (half set increments, some water damage) $7
    Kodak Polycontrast Acetate Filters PC1, PC3, PC4
    Total 295

    Items missing for full darkroom: Focus Microscope, Film Squegee, MF Developing Tank, 11x14 Developing Trays, Chemicals and Bottles, Paper Safe or some form of cabinet

    I have almost enough equipment for 2 whole darkrooms because my highschool friend left his enlarger here and moved away. I'm looking to sell in one lot or individual items to help pay for a dslr.

    I've done my best to price things very well so someone will have some incentive to try out a very cool hobby. Everything is around 10% less than ebay.

    This list has almost everything you need to turn your extra bathroom into a complete b+w darkroom using 35mm or medium format. I'm not sure but I think this enlarger can do 4x5" negatives too with a different lens and negative carrier.

    I will drop the price 20% if someone buys the whole lot. Buyer pays actual shipping once i know what their order consists of. I will package it and get shipping estimated and give you the total. Please expect shipping to be relatively high as this enlarge is pretty heavy. Payment method should be cashier's check, money order, or personal check with time to clear first. I will send photocopy of my driver's license for anti-fraud protection.

    I will try to answer any questions you have as best I can.

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    Thanks, Nate, but all I was looking for was a kit to develop neg's. I will then scan them into digital. But I appreciate your reply.


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