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Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by Village Idiot, Aug 14, 2008.

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    I have a Hughes & Kettner Triamp and Crate DX412R cab for trade. I'm looking for a Canon 5D. I have it for sale at the local music store for $1700 and if I sell it, that's what I'm putting the money towards. I figured I would just post something on a couple forums and maybe I could speed up the process by finding an interested person.

    It's got new tubes and was just serviced.

    100 watt all tube:

    Pins for the footswitch are broke but can be fixed:


    H&K front front:

    Cab front. I actually kept this over the cab that came with it. It's a deep cab and gives the head (which is really bright) a nice mellow tone.

    Foot Switch. 6 channels.

    Cab model/SN


    I sold all my guitars except for my acoustic and picked up some bass equipment. That's where I started and what I really like to do. This has pretty much just sat around for quite a while. I played it at 4 shows and maybe 20-30 practice sessions so it's not doing me any good.

    At one of the shows it failed to turn on. The power tubes went, so I had it sent in, all the tubes fixed, and had the shop go over it to make sure it was ship shape.


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