XTi Wide Angle or Fisheye Lens


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Dec 4, 2006
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Daytona Beach, FL
Purchasing my own Canon Digital Rebel XTi here in the next few days and wasn't sure if I wanted the standard 18-55mm lens kit or purchase the body and then my own lens. I do alot of automotive photography which a wide angle does great with but thus far have got great results with the 18-55mm lens on other XTi's I've shot with. I also do some product photography and wasn't sure if the wide angle would distort the photo when shooting items.

Any thoughts of what would be best for what I need & what lens? (brand, size, etc)
What's your budget?

The kit lens may be the best $100 wide zoom lens you can get for your camera...so unless you want to upgrade for better quality, then I'd stick with it. For better quality, I'd suggest the Canon 17-85mm IS. For better quality and a faster aperture, I'd suggest the Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 or the Sigma 18-50mm F2.8. For really good quality and a big aperture, I'd suggest the Canon 17-55mm F2.8 IS...but it costs more than the camera itself.

For a wider view, I'd suggest the Canon 10-22mm or the Sigma 10-20mm.

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