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    I am a follower of this forum. Now I have got something to contribute ...

    After 30 years of photographing in 6x6, 6x7 and 4x5 I had a closer look at my documentation behavior.

    I always want to keep photography easy, so I don't like to calculate and measure too much.

    I developed a ticketing system to take notes about 4x5 exposures. I sticked the tickets on the film holders. After development I stapled them in the negative folder.

    Then I tought: what about a little notebook that contains all these informations and a few others, too?

    But these notebooks were expensive (10 USD / 20 forms) and didn't contain the informations I needed in the field, eg. simple diagrams of movements, simple bellows extension/filter factor tables, simple reciprocy charts, zone system tables.

    I found a self publishing solution, and I produced this little notebook, see yapn

    yapn-web.gif yapn-screen-17.gif yapn-screen-23.gif

    yapn-screen-19.gif yapn-screen-22.gif

    It has 140 printed forms, so you can fill in the data of 140 sheet films 4x5/8x10 or 12 x 140 = 1680 medium format exposures.

    I hope I kept it as simple as possible.

    You can download it for free (PDF), you also can buy (Amazon) and enjoy it in the field (12x19x2,2cm)



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