Yet Again

I still like it. I find the muted blues and yellows very calming, as I would feel if I was right there in a beach chair watching the sun go down.
Any more color would totally ruin the ambiance of the movement.
Fuzzy. Neat. I like how the sand and the water almost blend together. It's a very simple image but there are a lot of interesting subtleties to it. I really like it a lot.
Wow! Thank you for the input! Thank you very much robin. I was honestly about to toss this one to the bin. Glad I decided to post it.
I feel the color is lacking.

Not at all: trust your instincts. :) There is much to be said for a softer, calming view. I think we get used to vivid, even over-saturated shots, so when we see something so lovely and quiet it might make us second-guess its validity. You got it right!

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