Your favorite Speedlight modifier?


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Nov 8, 2010
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Im looking for a speedlight mounted modifier thats a bit different than your average mini softbox. Im looking for something that can create very natural looking fill light for candid style child portraits. I know the gary fong gets nice reviews, but I would be glad to get other recommendations
I have the lightsphere collapsible. I like it. I like the Lumiquest 80x20 better
I recently got the Lightspere collapsable as well and used it yesterday. I was pleased.
my left hand. I really like my left fact i'm quite attached to it. It also adds a warm glow.
Bounce flash.

32-inch Photoflex convertible umbrella and a Pocket Wizard set.

Nikon SC-29 TTL remote flash connecting cord;hold the flash in the left hand and aim it around at differing angles; and old method but still a good one.
I am fond of the Demb Flip-it for candid shooting with flash... Demb Flash Products - Flip-it! the variable-angle flash reflector

Example: Candid of girl shot at playground on a hot day.. full bright sun, very harsh...


hannah by CGipson Photography, on Flickr
I've used (owned) number of them and here's my feedback:
Stofens (or omnibounces) that comes w/ the flash are relatively decent. They aren't the best out there but for the price, their versatility is really good.
Fong: I have the clear and cloud ones 1st biggest difference b/n the two is the color balance. But in a small room where you're from your subject at any given point LESS then 10 feet, I very much like the fong - either shooting direct flash direction or vertically up.
Demb Flip it: another great tool. Similar uses as the fong. Except I find with that I can shoot at distances of 15-20 feet and not put out as much power as I'd need to with the fong to get the same results.
The good thing about those 3 is that they look like real gear and not DIY. Problem that I've seen was that number of clients when see something funny (i.e. tissue paper) they begin to question one's professionalism :( Nonetheless, with tissue paper from the local arts&crafts store that only cost me a $1.00, I got some similar results that my colleagues got from brand-name bounce cards - ONLY difference was the LQQK.
Left hand, that was cute, yet true. When I'm using bare flash and/or stofen and need to shoot vertical quick shot, It is my left hand that I use as the bounce card - I'm just amazed how well it works :lmao:. The only down side is that the camera,grip,flash,lens are all in the right hand and THAT is a lot of weight, at least for me.
Bouncing of the walls, ceilings, shirts, etc: I do when going for some specific effect and more often then not VERY pleased with the results. The downside is not always is the color of the wall is the color I'd like my image to be.

Few years ago, I was in similar situation where I asked my colleagues, friends, tpf members as to what is better and why. Then answer I received was similar I got after experimenting with various modifiers: they all have their optimal situations and they all have their downside.
Good Luck w/ you search.
Thanks for all the responses. I will definitely be taking a look at my options.

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