1. tzalam_studio

    Looking for newborn studio photography help

    Hello, I am starting a photo studio, mostly for newborn photography, and I would like to get some feedback and help on some of my photos. If you are a newborn photographer, I would love to hear from you, and if you message me I will give you a link to many RAW files from a practice session...
  2. P

    Noobee at Night Photography - help please

    I was on vacation at an Inn overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I planned on getting some sunset pictures and was pretty successful with that. About 20 minutes after pitch black, I got an unexpected surprise - a full moon rose over the mountain. I quickly got my tripod and my Canon T5i that I...
  3. P

    Trip to Boston

    Please critique. I took a plethora of photos, but chose the best out of the batch. still very new and an amateur. I mostly shot manual mode adjusting the exposure to get a proper exposure. i would sometimes play with AV and TV menus to try and get the bokeh effect and also shot up my shutter...
  4. M

    First Six Months of Photography

    I took up photography this summer and whilst I feel I've learnt a lot and improved substantially, I feel I've reached the point where I need feedback from others to improve further. Here are some of my favourite photos taken over the last few months. I would appreciate any and all feedback on...
  5. D7K

    Autumn Landscape - C&C

    As the fields have been harvested and we were travelling to a gorge in the north, I stopped to smoke a cigarette and wanted to get a few shots of these bales and this landscape we were passing through. I've done a basic edit on this one but I'm undecided if I like it, Be interested to hear any...
  6. jjfunckphotography

    Insight for Photographs

    Hello, everyone. I was debating on my picture style & trying to see if there were some enhancements I could utilize in my photographs. I'm going to put like 2 or 3 of, in my opinion, my best photographs, & I'd like to receive some helpful critiques or insight on what I can improve on, what I...
  7. MountainsRCalling

    I'm new! Critique my shots please

    Hey i'm new to photography and just purchased my Cannon EOS Rebel T4i a month ago and its my very first DSLR camera. Here are some of my favorite shots I've taken so far that weren't taken in the Auto setting. I feel like they could be better but don't know exactly what to work on. Please be as...
  8. A

    Alex - photo critique wanted!

    1) all aboard by Alexandru Mihai Popescu, on Flickr 2) old age by Alexandru Mihai Popescu, on Flickr 1) Shot with Olympus VG-110 on auto mode, in a sunny winter day - late morning. I wanted to capture the moment when the railroad worker gives the "ok" for the train to leave the station. I...
  9. BrunoGrossi

    Tips to achieve this result! What do you guys think? NSFW

    Hi everyone, Looking for some insight as to how these two photographers shoot and edit their pictures. Any tips/ observations would be appreciated. Warning, sexy lingerie models ahead :p Photographers Links <Link Removed> Fepo Aponte (@fepo) • Instagram photos and videos
  10. CreationsByCray

    My thread of test shots/edits

    I THINK this is within the rules, but I'm going to make one thread going forward and post random photos and edits I've done to showcase what I've done photography-wise. This was taken in my hometown in 2011 when I was on the road. I was on the passenger's seat. so I wasn't driving. LOL. This...
  11. CreationsByCray

    Self-Portrait Test Shot/Edit

    As mentioned in my welcome post, I am looking into getting into sports and fitness photography in the very near future. Obviously, I will be doing plenty of practice before I fully emerge into this. I decided one night to take a self portrait of myself to test out my Olympus Stylus VR-30...
  12. MarshallClay

    My Fireworks Photos

    This was my first time shooting fireworks. I would love your comments and critiques.
  13. ltcvnzl


    this is my first photo series, i'm collecting inner yards pictures. i decided to make them black and white because i wanted to create a bit of abstract/formal impression, and also some unity among them. I'm not really sure if I got this unity and if the images sell this concept of inner...
  14. ltcvnzl

    some city life

    Hi, I'm posting here for critique – I've been photographing for a few years but I'm mostly due intuitive things as I don't know much technique, I like photography but I don't know much what to do with my photos, I think that's why I never studied much about it. I use a Canon T3, 50mm lens and...
  15. Charlie Gardiner

    Full Critique Welcome - 2 of my favourite images from my recent trip to Budapest...

    Hi, I recently got back from a weekend in Budapest and these are 2 of my favourite images from the trip. Id love to get some other opinions from you all so fire away! All constructive critisism welcome! IMAGE 1 (Trams in Budapest): IMAGE 2 (Barge on the Danube): Thanks in advance!
  16. PasqualettoM

    Fredericton, NB Riverscape - Critique Welcomed

    Hello All, Coming on here for some valuable critique on the following 3 shots. Any comments, Thoughts or Questions are welcome! Thanks, Matt
  17. streba

    Lake Louise

    I know, that this is very popular shot, so I would like to see your feedback... Full res foto can be found here: Thank you.
  18. HeidiMartinez

    I feel like there is something missing with these.

    Hi forum. I have been trying to capture some landscape photographs for a while and feel like they are missing something. Am I just not getting the right light or is my post editing way off. I could really use some critique and advice with these. Maybe I just haven't yet found my style yet...
  19. Z

    What am I missing

    Hi, I have been dabbling with my 600D for a while now. I have the 10-22 usm Canon lens which is great, as well as the kit 18-55 and 55-250 lenses. I also have the 28mm f1.8 prime, which I truly love, but it is broken at the moment. Recently I have been trying to shoot some portraits, i.e. been...
  20. G

    Any feedback appreciated

    Been using my D3100 for a few years now and just trying to continue to expand my photography. Any feedback is appreciated :)