1. Nature Over Metal

    Nature Over Metal

    The things one finds interesting to shoot during the dead of winter. Here is a tiny leaf on top of the head of a half inch ratchet wrench.
  2. Daisy


  3. Flowers


  4. Butterfly


  5. Stamens


  6. Stamens


  7. Insect and flower

    Insect and flower

  8. Insect and flower

    Insect and flower

  9. Stamens


  10. Koziorowska


  11. Koziorowska


  12. Koziorowska

    Bee and poppy

  13. Koziorowska


  14. Koziorowska



    Macro Photography Options and Their Maximum Magnification

    Hi all. I just had a blast shooting a live crab spider with a lot of different available macro tools and got a magnification of up to 11:1 when stacking some of the tools. I created a comparison about it and hope it is helpful for people looking for affordable macro options, or for people who...
  16. Flavio

    Benro GoPlus with Vanguard Alta BH-250

    Hello, I need a good tripod to do mostly nature and outdoor macro photography. After some research, I'm thinking of getting the Benro GoPlus (aluminium) legs and the Vanguard Alta BH-250 ball head to go with it. Does anyone know if this two are compatible? Anyone has any experience with this...
  17. T

    Photographing cocktails and glassware

    Hi. I am not new to photography but mostly do outdoor work and have just recently begun doing photos of cocktails, which I want to be vibrant and show off the colors. My setup is relatively simple and IDEALLY I'd like to have tips that do not require vast amounts of additional expensive...
  18. M

    Macro shots in the park.

    Was walking around with my Vivitar 55mm Macro and saw some insects and plants that caught my eye, Any CC is welcomed.
  19. M

    More Macro shots of my little backyard.

    Sunny day after work decided to bring out the Macro 105mm 1:1, nothing further. Tell me what ya'll think.
  20. M

    One of my first Macro shots

    One of my first macro shots, Taken with Vivtar Series 1 105mm lens. Any CC welcomed.