Macro Photography Options and Their Maximum Magnification

    Hi all. I just had a blast shooting a live crab spider with a lot of different available macro tools and got a magnification of up to 11:1 when stacking some of the tools. I created a comparison about it and hope it is helpful for people looking for affordable macro options, or for people who...
  2. Flavio

    Benro GoPlus with Vanguard Alta BH-250

    Hello, I need a good tripod to do mostly nature and outdoor macro photography. After some research, I'm thinking of getting the Benro GoPlus (aluminium) legs and the Vanguard Alta BH-250 ball head to go with it. Does anyone know if this two are compatible? Anyone has any experience with this...
  3. T

    Photographing cocktails and glassware

    Hi. I am not new to photography but mostly do outdoor work and have just recently begun doing photos of cocktails, which I want to be vibrant and show off the colors. My setup is relatively simple and IDEALLY I'd like to have tips that do not require vast amounts of additional expensive...
  4. M

    Macro shots in the park.

    Was walking around with my Vivitar 55mm Macro and saw some insects and plants that caught my eye, Any CC is welcomed.
  5. M

    More Macro shots of my little backyard.

    Sunny day after work decided to bring out the Macro 105mm 1:1, nothing further. Tell me what ya'll think.
  6. M

    One of my first Macro shots

    One of my first macro shots, Taken with Vivtar Series 1 105mm lens. Any CC welcomed.
  7. J

    10:1 Moth 20190915

    Canon 6d, ISO400, Raynox telephoto as tube, Nikon objective, 4x flash, 199 exposures, 8 micron steps. Higher res here: Moth20190915
  8. J

    10:1 Fly eye

    10:1, Canon 6d, Nikon 10x objective, Raynox telephoto as tube, ISO 400, Flash x 4, 10 micron steps, 130 image stack
  9. Markw

    Sigma 180mm F/3.5 HSM IF 1:1 Macro for Nikon

    Lens is in almost perfect condition! A small spot of finish loss on the tripod collar, rubbed off by the camera bag. No dust, scratches, or fungus on any of the elements or aperture blades. Comes with both lens caps and Sigma lens bag. Located in Maryland, but am more than happy to ship it...
  10. Rui_Santos

    Tropida criscollaris

    Tropida criscollaris from brazil
  11. Rui_Santos


  12. Rui_Santos


    Manual focus stacked image Canon 80D EF 100mm F/2.8 USM Macro 65mm ET Meike
  13. A

    Help needed for taking macro/close up with Polaroid iX6038 Bridge camera

    Hi I take macro/closeup. My camera only has f6.5 and f3.2 on Spirits priority. I have a macro button. I also have manual, apeture priority, shutter priority, program, auto modes, scene, video, continue shooting. Shutter can go 8.0, 4.0, 2.0, 1.0, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125...
  14. B

    Looking for macro lens recommendations for ASP-C body

    Hi everyone, I've been getting into close up insect photography for a few years using a diopter on my kit lens and am finally looking into purchasing a true macro lens. Can anyone make any lower cost recommendations of what might be appropriate for my needs. Im using a Canon 500D body which I...
  15. J

    Macro Fire Experiments

    Hey Everyone, I just had a great weekend experimenting with my 105mm macro lens and a highspeed camera using water, lighter fuel and soap. Lighting up those bubble led to great small Fire Balls and quite cool macro shots. Have you ever tried those of similar shots? What do you think of it? I...
  16. Rui_Santos


  17. M


    While having nothing to do at night I decided to take out the camera and do some random shows, here is one taken With my D600 on a 28-106mm lens. Please let me know how it could improve I wish I could have gotten the smoke more in focus tho.
  18. behindslr

    Macro vs Normal objective

    Hello, I have questions, I am making some texture for one of the games that I play. I want to make my own ultra graphic texture pack but, for now, I am using macro objective and my question is what is best macro 40mm Nikkor or normal 18-55mm objective. How to take good macro with nice looking...
  19. Flavio

    Fuji macro lens vs extension tube

    Hi everyone! I just became a father for the 2nd time today and I was thinking in investing on a macro lens to get those sweet details of the baby. But I've found out that I could just get a extension tube for the same purpose. Have anyone out there used one or have any info about these...
  20. petrochemist

    My budget ultra macro set-up

    My new ultra macro set-up (with my wife's cyanotype print as a background): ultra macro lens set up by Mike Kanssen, on Flickr A 0.7x to 4.5x microscope objective (£50) used without the supplied 0.5x relay lens/c mount adapter Here Connected to MFT via a T2 mount outer tightly held in place...