1. Vieri

    Four in colour from the Faroe Islands

    Hello everyone, sorry for the long absence, I have been busy traveling first, and getting rid of Covid after - now I am back, with some new colour work from the Faroe Islands! Phase One XT, Phase One IQ4, Rodenstock 32mm Phase One XT, Phase One IQ4, Rodenstock 32mm Phase One XT, Phase One...
  2. J

    B+W Seascapes

    First post here! I’ve been doing a lot of B+W Seascapes lately. I feel like I can inject my own personal style best when shooting in b+w. a6000 16mm F2.8 w/ wide angle adapter
  3. Vieri

    Two long exposures on the coasts of Brittany, France

    I love the surreal feeling created by the use of long exposures in the landscape, as well as the compositional power they provide in terms of the ability to create leading lines out of nowhere. Here two images from the coasts of Brittany, in France, a destination I really love and I can't wait...
  4. Vieri

    Two from Iceland, while waiting to go back!

    Finally we can travel again around Europe with not too much hassle, and I can't wait to go back to Iceland in September as my first international trip after Covid forced me to stay in Italy for pretty much all the second half of 2020! In the meantime, here are two favourite spots of mine in...
  5. Vieri

    Two different Northumberland moods

    I love Northumberland's landscapes, their mix of human intervention and natural beauty is just stunning. I put together two very different moods here: Bamburgh Castle at sunset Spittal's Pier Both images taken with Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 30mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra...
  6. Vieri

    Storm over St Monans zigzagging pier

    Not being an engineer, I am not sure how effective the bizarre shape of St Monans' pier is to break waves, but I assume it works. What I am sure of, on the other hand, is that photographically speaking the pier is a truly inspiring work of concrete! 2 seconds, Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad 30mm...
  7. Vieri

    Reynisfjara, Iceland, near and far

    When I am working on the landscape, if the weather and the scene allows I love to experiment with different focal lengths, looking for compositions inside a composition. This is Reynisfjara, in Iceland, at sunrise on a stormy day: 4 seconds, Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 30mm and...
  8. Vieri

    Two stormy images of Durdle Door, Dorset

    Dorset, in the UK, is one of my favourite destinations. Durdle Door's sea arch is probably the most photographed landmark in Dorset, and for good reasons - it is truly remarkable. Here two different compositions of this iconic location. Stormy weather over Durdle Door. ⁠12 seconds, Leica S...
  9. Vieri

    Two Brittany Coast sunsets - Warning: NOT iconic locations :)

    The rocky coasts of Brittany close to Pleneuf-Val-André offer a number of photographic opportunities to those willing to explore them. Here two sunset views: Ilot du Verdelet | 6 sec., Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 21mm & Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra filters Pleneuf-Val-André | 6.3...
  10. Vieri

    Two B&W seascapes from Dorset, UK

    I love Dorset, with its mix of man-made landscapes and natural marvels. When the weather & light conditions are right, I love to portray Dorset's graphic rock formations and seascapes in black & white. Kimmeridge Bay | 91 seconds, Hasselblad X1D, Hasselblad XCD 30mm, Formatt-Hitech Firecrest...
  11. Vieri

    Two oldies from the Isle of Skye

    Missing being there, I dug out two oldies from my Leica SL days taken both in 2017 on the Isle of Skye. Both images taken with Leica SL, Voigtlander 15mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest filters. After a day of constant rain the skies opened, rewarding our perseverance with an amazing sunset at...
  12. Vieri

    Brittany's Lighthouses

    Brittany's coasts are an amazing mix of natural beauty and man-made intervention, famously in the shape of lighthouses. I selected here three of them for you: Phare du Petit Minou at sunrise, 1 second exposure with Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 21mm & Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra...
  13. Vieri

    Stair Hole at Sunrise, in Dorset

    Climbing up to the top of Stair Hole before sunrise, in the crisp air of the morning, is electrifying. Nature offering you a show like this makes the short but steep climb definitely worthwhile. 1.6 seconds with my Hasselblad X1D, Hasselblad XCD 21mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra filters.⁠...
  14. Vieri

    Kirkjufjara, Iceland, in the mist

    One more image of Arnardrangur (not Kirkjufjara, sorry about the mistitle), Iceland, this time on a misty day. Taken the year after the last one I posted, this is a 362 seconds exposure shot with my Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 30mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra filters. Thank you...
  15. Vieri

    St. Michael's Mount at sunrise

    Saint Michael's Mount, in Cornwall (UK), is a beautiful and extremely photogenic island, and one that contrarily to its more famous French homonym gets completely isolated at high tide. While normally photographed with its iconic causeway from close, I also love to portray it from the distance...
  16. Vieri

    Lighthouse & Abbey Ruins at Sunrise, Brittany

    As landscape photographers, we love lighthouses and we love ruins. Being able to photograph both together is just special! Lighthouse & Abbey Ruins at Sunrise, a 181 seconds exposure taken in Brittany (France) with my Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 21mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra...
  17. Vieri

    Sunset at Widemouth Beach, Cornwall

    I am sitting here at home in Italy, under a rainy sky and after one month of lockdown spent working on my Website, longing for being able to travel again. Cornwall is one of my favourite places, and one I am looking forward to going to next November. This is Sunset at Widemouth Beach, 16 seconds...
  18. Vieri

    Castro de Las Gaviotas at sunrise

    Looking like a pair of giant legs, Castro de Las Gaviotas is a truly imposing and impressive sea arch. 25 seconds of exposure at sunrise with my Hasselblad X1D, Hasselblad XCD 30mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra filters. I can't wait for us all to be able to travel again freely, and to go...
  19. Vieri

    Enys Dodnan Arch at sunset

    Photographing Cornwall feels like working between land, sea and sky - almost like working where land ends. This is never more true than while photographing Cornwall's Land's End, when looking towards the ocean you know that the next patch of land is Newfoundland. Enys Dodnan Arch at sunset, 45...
  20. Vieri

    Etretat's cliff, Normandy, at sunset

    The stunning cliffs at Etretat, Normandy. 24 seconds of exposure at sunset with my Hasselblad X1D II, Hasselblad XCD 30mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Ultra filters. Thank you for viewing, best regards Vieri