550D or 60D or 7D?


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Mar 14, 2010
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I've been shooting with a xti for over two years. This past year, friends have started paying me to take pictures of their kids and families. I'm ready to upgrade and have about $1200 to spend. The lens I use most is the 24-105mm L. I do have a 50mm 1.8, but I don't think the image quality is as good as the 24-105.

I'm looking for a something that has a better ISO and viewfinder. I don't care about video at all.

Which Canon would you suggest I invest in? I'm open to other suggestions too.
I would buy the 50d(or 40d) over the 60d and 550d but if you can make it happen go with the 7d. Thats just my opinion hope it helps. Dont forget that the 7d is quite a bit larger than the xti.
True. I do have a battery grip on my xti, so this adds to the bulkiness of it.

Why the 50d or 40d over the 60d or 550d?
True. I do have a battery grip on my xti, so this adds to the bulkiness of it.

Why the 50d or 40d over the 60d or 550d?

I personally dont like the flip out lcd I will end up breaking it off , I like the metal body on the 50d and the frames per second are a little more on the 50d 6.3 compared to 5 on the 60d. Not a huge difference between the 2(50d and 60d) but you can save some money by buying a 50d over the 60d and buy better glass. As far as the 550d I dont like the size now that I have gotten use to the 50d and I dont belive the 550d has 2 thumb wheels(basically more controls on the body of the 50d). As far as picture quality I dont believe you will ever be able to tell the difference between the three. The High Iso may be a little better on the 60d but we will not know until its in our hands and if it is I bet its not by much.
I would love to see you get the 60D. No one has one and you can review it for us.;)

In reality, since video is not your thing, I would suggest the 50D. I have seen many great images from it. This camera has a good history and the price will be good. You can probably get a good used one, check here:

Canon Digital Photography Forums

The money you save will permit you to purchase a good prime, such as (just thinking out loud here) 50 1.4, 85 1.8 - I would sell the 50 1.8 as well.

I have both lenses, and I like them. The images can be amazing, even if I am mostly lucky. :mrgreen:

Just took a quick peek - http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=934407 , it is still available
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if your 50mm doesn't have as good of IQ, than i'd seriously look into that. Shoot raw, on a tripod, stop the 50 down to f/4, and shoot your 24-105 at f/4 and 50mm, the 50mm f/1.8 should smoke the 24-105.

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