A couple more from this morning...C&C welcomed.


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Sep 15, 2010
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I am sorry if i am bombarding the board with photo's but this has seriously become like an addiction for me.:er: I cannot stop taking photographs.:p..lol I am expecting a mom and toddler here soon too try and do some portrait photo's something i have never done before.:confused:..Thankfully she is a freind so if they all really suck it wont be so bad...:er: Anyway!
These are another two i took this morning of the Jamaican farm workers......Would really appreciate your comments good & bad......Thank you so much again.


They do look grainy, and the 2nd is pretty overexposed. Not terrible though.
ISO 400
Shutter: 1/400
Focal Length 165mm
Exposure Program: Program Normal

ISO 400 seems kind of high for that light, but I could be wrong.
See this is what is frustrating me....You say Grainy yet for some reason i do not see it...Maybe its my eye sight. It could be the monitor i am using ..I bought a new lap top three months ago but my Cane corso decided to step on it when it was next to my bed and cracked my screen so i have this lap top hooked up to a old monitor screen.

It is just very frustating everyone seems to be seeing what i do not!:er:

Thank you so much for the feed back.
To me the graininess looks it's caused by compression rather than ISO.
Do the original pics appear sharper on your screen than the ones you posted on this site?
I agree with Jarmo. Post the original pictures. These pictures mostly definitely look grainy and low quality. Also, the ISO seems high for outdoors in the sunshine. Try bumping that down to 100 or 200. What mode are you shooting in?

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