A frosty lane in the morning


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Feb 16, 2006
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My photograph of this frosty lane in the Yorkshire Dales prompted some thoughts about getting up in the morning! To read these thoughts, and for information about the photograph go to: http://photoreflect.blogspot.com/2006/01/are-you-lark-or-owl.html

it really look like it coming out from a painting. its gives a cold yet serene feeling to it. nice...
Tom, I may not have told you yet in many words, but I have become a (still maybe too secret) admirer of all your photography by now, and I really enjoy going over to your blog to also read your thoughts that you have on each and every one of them.

And I do love this one, too. So much feels so right in this photo.
Very much so --- maybe even a little more than the others.
The low side light, adding a bit of warmth to a cold, frosty morning, the sloping land, the path leading the eye into the picture and towards the house, the rows of bare, therefore "see-through" trees and their arrangement, the hills in the background, the bit of clouds still to be seen in the bright sky above (did you have to do something to make those come out, i.e. the clouds?) ... love it.

But, after having said all that, I feel this needs to be moved ... from General to Landscape and Nature. Don't you agree?
Thanks, Corinna, for the thoughtful comments about the photograph. And thanks too for mentioning that you read the blog prose as well. My page counter tells me I have about 200 hits a day, but it seems a bit off regarding the duration of each visit, so I can't easily see whose just looking at the photographs only and whose doing the reading as well.

Yes - it is suitable for the other forum - I post all my shots here through habit. I'll try and remember to post appropriately in future!

As to post processing, the only bit I did was to bring some detail out of the shadows in the lane in the near foreground. The rest is as it came out of the camera.

Best wishes,
Oops. Called you "Tom" when it is "Tony".
Forgive me.
I'll keep it in mind from now on and forever - big promise ;).
No problem Corinna - people call me all sorts of things, especially since I have an unpronounceable last name!

I've obviously had an off day too - I wrote "whose" instead of "who's". I like to get my grammar and spelling right!

Best wishes, Tony
Love this capture. What a beautiful place
AIRIC said:
Very nice place. Makes me wish I could go for a walk there. Well done.


i'm with airic, looks like a beautiful place... I would love to take a walk down this "frosty lane" assuming i could come right back home where it's 80 degrees F outside! nice shot :thumbup:

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