A water martini anyone?

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Apr 16, 2008
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Mississauga, ON
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I call it: High Ballin'


Bubbles are hard to avoid with water. I'm going to use a thicker liquid next time to avoid them. Critiques?
what material did you use for the background?
personally i find the marking on the glass a bit of a distraction away from the lemon peel but that could just be me being up at 330 in the morning...
otherwise i love the shot
Is that an egg in the water? Nice pic, though I would maybe clone out the spots of light on the glass, and leave a bit more background around the top and sides :)
Its actually just a white marble placed inside. As for the markings, it was the only martini-like glass i had in the house so i have to deal with those markings.

There was actually no back drop it was just placed on a counter. the background is black by way of flash work. my 430ex was fired at full power (1/1) and my 100mm macro was set to f/16 i believe.

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