A winter mornings warm sun


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Jul 5, 2007
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Ontario, Canada
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Good evening all:

Yet more Cattails from my most recent hike. Although it was chilly, the warm look of the morning sun makes it seem warmer.:wink:


lovely shot, that's how I wish my winter shots were turning out. Like the range of colours.
Very nice, looks almost like white sand.
I am quite partial to anything that belongs to or into swamps, and cattails are part of it, so I cannot but like THAT aspect of your photo, and I like the light (warm morning sun, or seemingly warm morning sun, if I understand you right ;))... and also the snow inbetween really helps your photo. Despite of getting a feeling of cold feet upon viewing your photo, I begin to feel a longing for snow now, so our dead, bleak, dull nature would be covered by it as nicely as it apparently does where you are!
The light on the cattails and snow is very pretty, and I like all the 'ripples' of snow on the ground
Thank you all, very much:

I love going out on my hikes, it is something I will miss quite a bit along with my wife and son and sharing time with all of you here at TPF. I will be gone from February to roughly September but I will be back strong when I get back.

Cheers. :)
Well, you've still got some time here! (What part of Ontario are you from?)

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