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Jun 30, 2007
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Here's a shot from last night....again it's more of a snapshot but I liked the way it turned out.
I can't usually get a real good and clear one of her unless she's asleep :)
Only have a point and shoot atm, but it's pretty good compared to other p&s's i've used.
Looks a little noisy though.
It looks like she's about to say something, or she's smiling....I love her expressions :D

What do you think, like it? :D
Cute puppy. I owned 2 of them a long time ago :)

As you know the picture is fuzzy and the background is overexposed. The big thing to me though is making sure the eyes are clear since that is where animals seem to speak to me from...
Thanks :)
They're great dogs

Yeah, I agree.
The background was just a white wall and I only have a point and shoot so not much control, but yeah.
You focus is on the nose, but using a bit of unsharpen mask you can bring out the eyes better. Try sitting back farther to take a picture of her. It might help you to get a clearer shot of her. If shes really bouncy, try standing up, using a treat to get her to sit or beg. I have a small dog as well. He is always moving.
But shes adorable.
Yeah, it was pretty hard to get something as clear as this..which isn't even too clear lol. Out of probably 20 photos this was the clearest and she jumped right in front of the camera and it was decent, lol. Again, it's more of a snapshot. I use treats to focus her, otherwise she never would sit still lol. Whenever I try to be further away, she just gets closer, so that's why it's easier to get photos while she's asleep, hahah.
Thanks :D
I have two dachshunds myself, great dogs :D
I agree :D
Actually, she's a mini, but she's extra long, lol.
Hahah yeah, I took another of her in a "puppy photoshoot" and she was smiling again...it might be in my other post :D

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