Ahhh Spring........ (water drops)


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Jul 23, 2006
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If it only it would hurry up and come to snow bound Maine. :er: In my longing for spring i've been going through some of my photos from last spring and I wanted to post them here to get some feedback on what people think about them.



And I know these next two aren't the sharpest photos but I still wanted to post them to get some feedback. :)


Did someone mention "water drops"?
Why not add that there's a lot of GREEN to be seen along with the water drops?

Well, anyhow, I hear the word "water drops" and voilĂ , here I am! :mrgreen:

And what nice droplet photos you have here, particularly the last with the projection of the daisy below through the broken light of the droplet. Sooo cool.

There's that thing of us waiting for spring, I guess. Everyone feels inclined to post photos of the kind ... hadn't Wyjid "called" me with similar photos only earlier today? ( see_here ).
Why thank you! Glad you like them. And yeah, I noticed there's about alot of water droplet photos lately. It must have something to do with spring fever.
those are beautiful!!
i love the first one and the second to last one the best
so neat!! nice work :)
I like #3 the best myself. I like the way the flower is blurred in the background, but is perfectly focused in the water drop.

Nicely done.

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