Another Corry and Joe Adventure


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Feb 5, 2004
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Ok, so I'm very rarely active on here these days, but I'm sure some people here still remember me, and those of you who do Fight Club know Joe (clarinetjwd).

It's been a mighty long time since I've posted anything about any of our adventures on here, but this time I have one on video, and I feel like sharing. :p

For my entire life I've had a fear of roller coasters, and I thought it was high time I got over it. With Joe's help, I did just that to celebrate my birthday this year.

And yes, I know I turn into a giant dork when I get in front of the video camera.

Anyway, here ya go! YouTube - ‪My first coaster ride EVER. Superman Krypton Coaster POV‬‏
Well hey - I think I remember you. ;) And that video was enough to make me nauseated....I don't know how you got through it! (Have only been on a couple roller coasters in my life, and I've decided watching this counts as three)

Happy belated birthday!
Awesome Corry! Congratz on overcoming our fears......... at least this time.

I remember you, ......... oh there was gonna be a third grader response..........
Thanks! Joe really did do a great job! Also, the subs totes don't cuck. ;) The ****e wocks do though.
Hey, this is ONE cool video (good work Mr. Steadycam!), and cool to actually SEE (and almost be part of) you(r) overcoming your fears. I know we talked about it when we met, and now I can really see that you DID go on it. Cool!

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