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Mar 8, 2008
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Austin, Texas
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So this image ticked me off. I knew I was going to have to crop it to get what I wanted when I took the image, that much was a conscious choice. Anyway I played with and played with it and bits of the stem I didn't feel like correcting in post kept popping up into the crop. And then I did this, with WAY too much negative space. But for some reason it worked for me, so I left it.

I call this "Mum's Vacation Snapshot"

How about a totally central composition, for a change?
I usually go about telling (particularly newcomers) to put their subjects outside the centre of their frames, but this photo seems to suggest to clearly go all against those rules, I think. The way it is now, it offers itself as a greeting card leaving room for text above, but unless you plan to do this, I'd move the flower SMACK INTO THE MIDDLE, for a change!

It is nicely lit. Window to the left? Black cardboard as background?
Strobe through a shoot-through umbrella frame left, reflector above and to the right, subject about 2 1/2 feet in front of a black velvet backdrop.

I tried totally centered and didn't like it. Maybe I'll try it again today with a fresh perspective. I liked the top touching the very middle of the frame once i had the 'what if flowers took crappy snapshots of each other' vibe going through my head.

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