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Apr 29, 2010
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I posted one a few days ago, and was told "it was a horrible hack job" haha

So I tweeked some things.

How does this one look?

Looks pretty good to me; I'm just not 100% sure about the black dress on the black background. I wonder if a contrasting tone which wouldallow you to see her whole body might not work even better.
Good pose but I agree the black on black is probably wouldnt be my first choice. The dress she is wearing and the one reflected runs into gether making it hard to tell them apart. Maybe purple would look good on her, Needs contrast Also seems like more light is needed it is very dark to me.

I do like the pose and the model is gorgeous and the reflection is also working well. So I would just add a bit more light and change the dress and I think you would have a awesome shot.
Yeah - the black dress on the black background isn't really doing it for me either... They just merge and it's impossible to tell them apart. Add reflections into that, and it just looks weird...

I think this might work better with a white background. Just an idea...
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These seem underexposed to me...the image just looks faint and weak due to insufficient three stops under exposed...
She looks "cold"? Not warm and full of life I mean. I love this idea though!

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