Are there L-Brackets compatible with Gitzo GH1780QR Ball Head?


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Mar 14, 2009
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Toronto, Canada
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Just curious if there is a solution that allows you to use L brackets on the Gitzo GH1780QR ball head while maintaining the original Gitzo clamp.
Is the Gitzo plate an Acra Swiss style? If so, it shouldn't be hard to find a compatible L bracket.

If not, there are Gitzo to Acra Swiss adapter plates...although, I'm not certain if that will work for your scenario.

If possible, I'd suggest going into a well stocked camera store that carries Gitzo, so that you can see and try out the options that they have.
After a bit more research, it appears that Gitzo does not use the Acra Swiss design. The advice seems to be swapping out the Gitzo clamp for something that would match the L-bracket. Check out Kirk, Markins, RRS etc.

Or you could place a clamp onto the existing clamp (basically as an adapter) to fit the plate style of the L bracket you choose.

Some sites to check out...
Kirk Enterprises : Quality Photographic Equipment for Outdoor & Nature Photography
Really Right Stuff -
Markins: Home of Markins Q-Balls >> Home
Acratech, Inc :: Ballheads & Tripod Accessories
Thanks for all the info. I kind of figured that I would need to replace the clamp

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