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Sep 26, 2011
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This is a picture I took of my daughter.. I converted it to b&w and would love some feedback on how I did. Thank you!! :mrgreen:

I feel that it's a little too gray for my taste... Notice it doesn't have much black or white which makes it kind of dull looking. I did a quick little edit in Photoshop of how I'd have personally edited it if it were mine...

Tamiaz.. definitely need to up your contrast a bit.. play with the curves a little...

Easy on the high-pass
The biggest thing I see is the lack of contrast but I actually like the pose and how the sun is coming down on her hair.

There is a lot of unevenness so I had to darken half her shirt and lighten the corners. Here's my best try.

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Thank you for the feedback..Last time I posted a picture (color) I had too much contrast, so I guess I held back on it and was too careful. I'll keep trying!! :D It does look better with more contrast.
I personally like the original with the haze :D To each their own <3
I'm with Bossy on this one... I like the original best. The lack of contrast makes me think of this photo as being a memory of a girl if that makes sense.
I don't mind the haze but the pose is not to flattering.

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