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May 22, 2012
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I haven't picked up my camera in months and the other day I decided to see if I still knew how to even use a camera. So here it goes,
First, Ignore the watermark! I was just testing something out and I know it looks horrible trust me, I know. (plus I don't advertise myself, but if people approach me and ask me to take photos for them I don't turn them down, given I can guarentee the same level of work that brought them to me in the first place)

1.) Personally this is one of my favorites. I just wish I had a little more light on her face I think it would have improved the photo. The thing I like is the light behind her head and the way her hair is lit.
$Mays 1.jpg

2.) Two things that really aggravate me in this photo is the horizon is going through her head, and 2 the sky is blown out. Also I don't know if this photo is soft? I really can't tell. But that could be due to the website I used to edit since my laptop that has photoshop is getting fixed.
$Mays 2.jpg

Okay let me have it! ;)
I think you've pretty much nailed the highlights with your self-critique. #2 is definitely quite soft.

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