Been given an Ilford Sportsman.


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Dec 8, 2007
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It is a rather old piece of equipment, in very good condition.

Manual aperture, shutter speed, film speed etc, all very nice

But what should i do with it? :D I have no experience with this, and was wondering if i should keep it and give it a go, or sell it and get something else to add to my current equipment?

I was also given an EOS1000 and a sigma 35-135mm lens.....

I am a nikon user so sell and keep the lens?
Sell the Eos and the lens if you are a nikon user. Use the money to buy some glass.
Exactly it's still something nice to have.
My grandpa has an old camera from 54 that my aunt wanted to sell. I said it probably wouldn't be worth much and i was right. I really am going to try and convince them to give it to me=p

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