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May 12, 2005
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Saw this image this morning... screwed with my head and ruined my whole freakin day. What's weird is that, I'm still trying to figure out what drove me to act quick for this shot.

Hope this doesn't offend anyone here.


Life goes on.
Wow....I have stared a this for a few minutes now trying to get the lump out of my throat. Me being the big dog lover, this is sooo sad, but part of every day life.

A few weeks back, there were two deer that came up from the ravine near a park here. We dont see a lot of deer around here, living in the burbs, but a lot will follow the Rouge River down from north of the city.
They ran into traffic, one hitting a car, and was killed instantly.
As I drove by, the man got out of his car in disbelief, but I looked away from the deer, only to see his pal stopped in a driveway to the park looking back at his fallen friend. That image haunted me for days.
Thanks for sharing M @ K O. It shows that animals can have emotions as well as humans.
Very sad! To see the other dog still standing by its side! Very emotional photo!
well captured m@ko, yes it is sad and dogs as well as many other animals stay at the side of a fallen friend.... makes you wonder if they know what it means?... still, makes for an interesting image, death unfortunatly is and always has been, an inspiration for artists :thumbup:
I will not say thank you for comments on this image. I always post photos for ya'll of what I see through the little window, but I just wanted you all to get a feeling of what I felt and the emotions that I had to carry with me the whole day. But I will say thx for viewing.
i dont think this is offensive...but on the dark side, i think we view things different than the it fits here...

thats life. death is such a huge part of living..

and the loyalty of this friend is no different than of my pallies and me...

thanks for sharing this... i dont want it to sound all cliche... but i love this..

i love what it says....and it took guts to put it up here...
Such sadness, helplessness, despair, loneliness...

i'm with chiller about being choked up... i had written a huge novel, but i was just getting carried away so i deleted it, but i still wanted to comment on one of the most emotional photos i have seen on TPF...

Because of this photo i will hug my wife and puppy a little tighter tonight... :thumbup:

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