Black and White photos from France


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Jun 5, 2003
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Here some other photos I took....sorry for posting so many up but I really like these photos I the way...on of my photos is going to be published in "Spirits of the Night" coffee table book. :D


This one is in Etretat. North France by the English Channel

this one also same place. for some reason when I got my diskettes back from the lab the one and another one was yellowish like you can see. I have to resave as black and white only.

same thing happend to this one.




This one above is from can see the Eiffel Tower at the back!!! :)
Hope you enjoy these photos and let me know what yall think about them????!!!!
doesn't anyone have any thoughts about these pictures???? anyone? :roll:
I've waited until I could put my finger on what bothered me about these pics. It's just dawned on me what it is.

I don't know if you really compressed these, or if it's that they're slightly (or appear that way on my monitor) out of focus, but they could be sharper. They remind me of pinhole shots, which I'm not overly fond of.

They also could use a little more contrast. They seem almost monochromatic to me. There just doesn't seem to be enough difference in the shades to make anything stand out.

The composition looks good, you framed the shots well. A little contrast, a little sharpening and you could have something I liked better. :wink:

My opinion and $2 will get you a cup of coffee almost anywhere. :)

i see the talent. you have an eye for composition, but i also see that the pictures looked resized or compressed...might not be you.

oh yeah, how could you get a cup of coffee just by mentioning some guy who lives in a snowglobe,geez. (lol jim)

I know what you mean. Actually these pictures on file I have do not really compare to the actual prints! Especially the first one. This was the first time I had processed a film and asked the lab to give me a diskette aswell...the photos on the diskette didn't look that good. They kinda look grainy?? Like you all said resized etc....
Also what would I be able to do to give my photos have more contrast as you mentioned? These pictures are from a trip I took to France and I was just shooting...when I processed them I kinda liked them. I have other pictures here. "Pictures from France" and "What do you think" are two other post with two more pictures of mine. If you can please take a look at them and "critique" them. :) thanks

Im a novice in photography....I don't know what you mean about pinhole shots?? Doesn't sound good though??? :roll:
Adding contrast now can be done in some graphics programs (Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro ae the 2 I'm familiar with).

In camera, you can use a red filter to increase contrast. You might bip over to ganimede77's post and ask him how he got such great contrast in his shots. I'm the wrong guy to ask, I've shot like 3 rolls of B&W 25 years ago.

A pinhole picture is taken, literally, through a pinhole in the camera body (or body cap). No lens is used. The image created is very fuzzy around the edges and look sort of surreal in general.

A google search for "pinhole photography" will yield several good example & how-to sites.


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