Blue Rail

Two more shots from the same location.

Any thoughts or criticisms? I am trying to learn to see things more creatively.

Reflections of LA. The reflecting pool of the Ferraro building.
DSC_0107.jpg by Javier Descalzi, on Flickr

Disney Concert Hall.

DSC_0109.jpg by Javier Descalzi, on Flickr

Thanks for looking.
#1 is really a nice shot.
Perhaps try a tighter crop to maximize the design elements and fill the frame with interesting stuff?

Thanks Traveller. And thanks for the edit.

This is one of the few times that I have "seen" the picture with my mind's eye before setting up the shot. A bit of a breakthrough moment for me. I hope I have more.
Hi, Desi; these are very good; the first image is to be named "Blue" and that is a really lovable blue!!! i loved equally well the calm reflections in the next and you did not let that be disturbed by any POI ;)
Thirds is not bad either

Regards :D
Thanks guys, your comments made me very happy.
I prefer your original over Travelers crop. I find the blue green wedge at the top an interesting break in color, and it repeats the wedge of blue beside it on the left of it.
All very nice shots, and I really like the first. The second doesn't speak to me as much (maybe it's too small on my screen) but I can see you thought about it, so you get an A+ from me!

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