Bulb Explosion


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Oct 17, 2006
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Bradley, IL
Clark Kent & I got together again today for more experiments. This is a capture of a light bulb filled with a combination of liquid soaps. The bulb was placed on a styrofoam base. A small firecracker was inserted in the base of the bulb and ignited. The explosion sent glass & soap flying everywhere in all directions (as you can see & it also hit us, but we were wearing protective gear). Glass from base of bulb flew upwards and you can see the top of the bulb begin to crack & break as it explodes. C/C welcome! Thanks for looking!

Was your lens wearing safety gear as well?

The poor bulb. The last time I saw cruel and unusual punishment like this it was when Sadam strapped a bomb to a prisoners chest and executed him. I said it then and I'll say it now "nice creative work!"
mint idea... im gonna go blow some stuff up now!!
Thanks for the comments.

We put plastic bags over our cameras (& equipment). I have a clear protective lens I attach (screw on) over my camera lens.

As many on tpf know (& especially those who know us) Clark Kent (Brandon) & I do a lot of things together. Once in a while we'll take a road trip, we go to the Superman celebration every year, and experiment with photography (such as this). It's a lot of fun working with a partner. And with experimental photos like this, I couldn't do it without him. We both come up with ideas and we need 2 to do the things we do. It's FUN!!
WOW. Ballsy photo. I like it. I tend to be drawn to photos that took a risk, whatever it may be. I trust you shot with a piece of Plexiglas covering your lens....?
I wish mine would have turned out half as nice as yours did. Nice work SpaceNut!

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