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Aug 19, 2007
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hope you like????????
i like it cause it looks like you hung a curtain on ur wall and thats what i do lol. na but on a serious note nice shot i love the lighting on the girl.

but could the white balance be a bit off?

also it seems you maybe had more light on the lower half, overexposing there?
explain white balance please.

and its not a curtain .....................................its a sheet ha ha
different light sources have different spectra. there is "warm" light, "cool" light, whatever.

If you look with your eyes at a scene illuminated by a certain type of light (e.g. tungsten light), then your brain compensates to some extent and you "see" sort of normal colours.

However, if you take the image with a camera, and look at it later, then the image is taken out of context and your brain does a less good job in compensating. You appear to see false colours.

Hence the photographer uses filters to compensate the type of light while shooting. or, when shooting digital, he can set the white balance in his camera (in such a way that white is white without a colour cast).

white balance is in particular important when it comes to skin tones.
thanks for that i wil check out the link
yay for sheets.. i have used them too...

its slightly darker over her head and around the edges.. possibly play with you levels?
i love how she has her hands clasped and her mouth open in a true smile/laugh. im not crazy about the rolls in the sheet but think this is a very nice photograph.
thanks you for your comments.

christina she is laughing cause i have a toy dog on my head that barks.:wink:

tricks of the trade ha ha

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