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Dec 13, 2007
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Anyone recommend a good camera bag/case for a D40?
Not looking for anything too large, only have the basic lens right now.
I would like to get something that will last that I can trust not to break while carrying.
I'd prefer to shop online, so any sites would be appreciated.
Lowepro and Tamrac make really good bags, from small to big, from inexpensive to expenisve. Try B&H and Adorama, (top right of page). Also look on the Lowepro website to see their products.
Adorama....great site but don't think they ship to Canada :(
I'm getting a XTi for chistmas.. already got to play with it a bit..

I went to the camera store to check out bags and just ordered the Lowepro Nova 3 AW.

It's not big but not small didnt feel like a burden to carry around. It could fit my camera with a lens attached and there were 5 other lens slots.. which if you get new lenses or a flash or something or you just wanna carry some snacks around it seems perfect.

It also has a front pocket too.

B&H has it for like 32 dollars (I think.. maybe 37)
You should first decide on a type.

Backpack: Comfortable with lots of stuff. Slow to access compartment.
Shoulder: quick to access compartment. not comfortable with a lot of weight.
Sling: Compromise between Backpack and Shoulder. All the weight is still on one shoulder. Typically smaller than other bag designs.

Lowepro and Tamrac all offer wonderful options. I prefer Lowepro but my most used bag is a shoulder bag from Old Navy.
Domke is the ish. End of story.
I have two Lowepros and like them. Looking to get a third since my lens collection seems to have grown in length as well as girth.

I'm such a lucky guy!!!
Adorama....great site but don't think they ship to Canada :(

I'm pretty sure they do ship to Canada. Under shipping just choose Canada and type in your postal code.
Yes, I fell in love with a Billingham............I don't think my husband is going to let me get a bag/case that's almost the same price as the camera :er:

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