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Jun 18, 2013
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South West Wyoming
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UPDATED with link to pics. Here is a link to the thread where I posted these photos:

I was in the forum for photo assignments but it looks a little abandoned. Can someone (anyone) give me a photo challenge. I live in po-dunk nowhere Wyoming (Moved from beautiful Cincinnati).

I'm feeling uninspired with my surroundings so I need a task to get the creative juices flowing again.
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Do you have a flash that can be used off camera?
yes, but I don't have the trigger yet... I just ordered it. I actually have two speedlights.
Exactly where in Wyoming?
Rock Springs... which for Wyoming isn't po-dunk at all. I'm just used to having urban access all the time.
Rock Springs... which for Wyoming isn't po-dunk at all. I'm just used to having urban access all the time.

Cool! I was there last fall.

Can you go to the hotel I stayed at and get the phone charger I left there back for me?
I use to pick a color, and give myself a mile radius from the house to stay within. I had the most fun with Project Red as it was just before winter was really ending. The few things that naturally remain red really popped against the starkness of the other winter colors (or lack thereof). I'm sure you could task yourself with a similar self challenge.

Also, nothing against Cincinnati, but, I would venture to think there is some AMAZING natural beauty to Wyoming that Cincinnati could NEVER offer.
In Adobe Town, there used to be wild horses.. a lot of other wildlife too, but the horses were amazing and so is the landscape and features. Find the horses, get some shots. I'd love to see them. :)
Flaming Gorge and Seedskadee NWR aren't too far away. Maybe a day trip.
You are in the mountains of western Wyoming and can't find something to photograph? It's only because you aren't looking.

OK, here's your challenge: I want a photograph that says, "This is Wyoming and nowhere else in the world." It can be a scenic of the sun rising or setting over the mountains, it can be a tree or flower or animal or bird that is found nowhere else, it can be the rapids of the Green River, it can be whatever you want it to be, but find me something that categorically states that THIS *IS* WYOMING and nowhere else.
Do you have a macro lens or a tripod?
Shoot the alphabet - a photo of something that begins with "A," then "B," etc.
Are you high? Come visit me and I'll show you nothing to take photos of!
Scott's (SCraig) idea is a good one, as are some of the others, like the alphabet and colors.

Then there's the Monthly Photo Challenge, which HAS been resurrected, thanks to Mish, the Bunny and the Medic... :D
This month's theme is "Something You Don't Like." Which reminds me, I know what I wanna shoot, but I gotta get busy finding my intended subject...

Also, a "10 within 10" challenge often helps me get the creative juices flowing. From wherever you are, find 10 things to photograph within 10 feet of you--it's a good way to make yourself look at mundane objects from different perspectives and *find* the shot.

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