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Jun 22, 2013
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I really like my cousin's Canon 60D. I was thinking about buying one myself. My budget is $900 for the body, but not sure if that's the "best" SLR camera I can get with that budget. I was also looking at the Rebel T5i, but read that many preferred the 60D over it. I will be using my camera for mostly taking photos of people and things not too far out in the distance. However, I do want to be able to take some good landscape photos as well. I don't really care about brand. Could you guys recommend me to some cameras, or is the 60D my best bet for some good photos? Much appreciated!
If you had $900 for JUST body, I would go with either a used 7d or Nikon d7000. Both are excellent.
I think the Canon 7D goes for 1200$.

My vote is for the Nikon D7000, its in your price range and better then the 60D in low light.
Thanks for the suggestions. I know those are great cameras. After thinking about it for a bit $900 is on the steep side for just the body. So, let's say $900 including lens. I know those two cameras suggested are big upgrades compared to the 60D, but I really like the 60D for what it's got to offered for the price. The price also went down a good bit.
I think it comes down to either the 60D or one of the ones from the Rebel series for me. I think the 60D is more bang for the bucks and does everything pretty similar to the the cameras from Rebel series. What do you guys think?
Hm...I think i'll just go for the Nikon D7000. Lol Thanks guys.

Hm...I think i'll just go for the Nikon D7000. Lol Thanks guys.

I think for the price you are looking for this will be the best camera, get it (if you can) with the 18-105mm kit lens.
The 18-55mm is also a good lens but naturally covers less range.

Good luck.

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