Canon T2i with Flycam Nano


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Oct 16, 2010
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I heard some wanted to see how the Flycam Nano was like. I shot this one take video almost a year ago for our YouTube channel, using it.
I had the 5D mark III at the time. I used the T2i because the flycam was already balanced. It actually works really well and for 180$.. You cant go wrong! I highly recommend it for those who want glide shots. Better to get a feel of it and then perhaps invest in a branded Glidecam further down the road.

Ps. This video was actually re-tweeted by Mark Foster Himself! (The Lead Singer from Foster the People)
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Nice video..
I also worked with flycam nano camera stabilizer; it takes time to get balance. After getting balanced it works quite well. Recently I purchased Flycam 5000 video stabilizer. Again it takes time to get balanced but less than nano. This handheld has fulfilled my expectations. Its quality is well built and price is also less.

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