Cars and Coffee Pittsburgh. Audi R8 and Lambo !!


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Jun 23, 2011
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tell me what ya think. 3 shots each, attempted to not overcook it.

thanks for looking!

Shame the trunk is open on the Lamborghini.

The Audi is nice.
Take the people away, and it would have been such an awesome shot on the Audi.

Man I love audis!
Great shots! I hope to go to my first local Cars and Coffee this coming up Saturday.
Thanks everyone! There were lots of people just standing around looking. I had a hard enough time getting a clear enough shot without someone walking in front of me.

Cars and coffee is cool, but I live like 1 mile from a lambo, royce, Aston martin, porsche and audi dealer... So for me, its like driving to work everyday lol
I like the 1st photo :).
Didn't you think to crop its right side a bit to move the car from the center of the image to 1/3?
I like the 1st photo :).
Didn't you think to crop its right side a bit to move the car from the center of the image to 1/3?


I did actually crop it and then removed it. something about having full view of the smoke stacks in the back made the photo feel like its more of a mix of the background and the foreground. What I did crop a bunch was the road. On both pictures really, I was only about 4 feet from the cars, and the 14-24mm is extremely wide. I also put it into dxo viewpoint to straighten the lines up just a tad bit.
Beautiful cars.

I can see how the smokestacks would be cool and can add to a photo of an R8 - good contrast of industrial/old with modern/new. However, it might've worked against you in this case. If they were put to the side or further in the distance with more contrast between car and stacks, it might've been better. The stacks in your photo are protruding out of the R8 - a bit distracting.... it's fighting for attention with the R8.

Kewl stuff overall. Keep it up!
May want to correct the distortion a bit. They look fine except the people are a bit too distorted and distracting.

Good call the audi was at 24mm. The lambo was at 14mm . I was about 10 inches away from the bumper on that shot if I recall. I was going to put it in dxo viewpoint to straighten the outside lines up but couldnt figure out how to just shrink the guy while keeping the car with the fish eye effect.

Thanks for the advice and the comments too

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