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cd cover

lil dvl

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May 26, 2006
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the land of Aus
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my friends have a metal band and wanted a cd cover done, so i did this in my spare time. its 2 photos i had that i photo shoped together and changed to black and white because the colours didnt match up.

anyway this is what i got, tell me what you think! (it still is not finished as the cd title still has to be put on) any suggestions on improvements appreciated!

*is in a metal band* I would be very happy with that! :D
One thing you could try is burning out some parts the tinyist bit, just to see if it looked better, but it could go one of two ways. But yeah, that really is awesome! :)
that would make an awesome cover! i like the way the background bends. nice work!
I think they will really dig this one. Nicely done.
I like this alot :thumbup: ...... would be interesting to see how you incorporate the text..... and make it to CD proportions...... you can post it here again when its done if you like, to get feedback on the finished look....... some of us are graphic designers (;) ) and would give you input before you show it too the band.
putting it into proportions will be hard, but yeah i will see how i go and post it back if they choose to use it!

thanks for all the possitive replys
That is really cool. It would definately make a striking cover
:( the band aint useing it! they said it was a bit 'dark' for them, so back to the drawing board for me!

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