Choosing the right studio light setup

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Alarilue, Aug 12, 2017.

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    I ordered and have tested today for the first time!

    I ended up ordering a single 400W flash, this one su

    with a 90x60 cm lightbox.

    I thought I'd try this solution to begin with because I am not sure I actually need two, and I can always add others gradually. The first photographer I worked with used only one flash and they were my favorite photos.

    Here is a photo from today's very quick experimenting. The set needs some work on the floor and I need to play with the position of the model and the intensity of the flash a bit more before it's absolutely perfect but I am very happy with what I got at the first try.

    You can see a bit of the set up, and the light quickly edited. I'm shooting in a mostly white and entirely dark room and I am aiming for a strong light/shadow contrast.

    Thank you for your support, look forwards to playing more!

    DSC_0565 2.jpg DSC_0591.jpg

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    It looks like you are off to a good start with your new lighting gear! One light CAN do a lot.

    One of the critical issues is how close, or how far away, the light box is from the model. From closer distances, there is a high level of light fall-off in intensity; as the light box is positioned farther away, the light will be more-even in its level of lighting, across the frame. In the 10-15 foot range of light-to-subject distances, the light is relatively easy to work with, without a "hot" side and a "dark side" to the frame.,

    Keep working on your setup and keep learning. Again, you have a good start here.

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