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Jan 3, 2012
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I am planning on starting a small business towards the end of the year, and am currently trying to come up with a logo for my business. The business name will be Wallace Photo.

I have come up with several ideas so far. This is the one I seem to like the best and will probably be going with.

$Logo idea 2.jpg

I wanted to keep the logo as simple as possible, but as you can see, it's quite plain and boring (not exactly the brand I am going for).

I would appreciate any advice or ideas as to giving this logo a little spice without loosing the simplicity.

I am working with a vector image and working with Inkscape.
Assuming that the final rendering will take care of the different weighted type, spacing issues, etc, it's workable, but I can't say it does a lot for me. You might want to think about trying to make the camera look a little more camera-like and maybe putting 'Wallace' where the camera's brand would normally go.
I like the camera and the word photo, I have a hard time with the wallace...
May be try what Tiredon just suggested, or try playing with the letters, right not they are off balance.
Agree with tirediron and MiFleur: Wallace seems to be out of space, and camera should probably look more like camera.

As an alternative, and if budget allows, did you think about hiring logo designer? Nowadays, they might be very inexpensive.
You might not get the best logo, but you might get very different perspective that you might like very much.
The first thing I thought of when I saw it was that it was the logo for a camera store that was about to go out of business...
The first thing I thought of when I saw it was that it was the logo for a camera store that was about to go out of business...

I was thinking a camera store that went out of business 25 years ago.
What kind of photography business are you wanting to start?

If your planning on shooting weddings this logo is WAY to cheesy.
It's pretty, well, generic, imo. Not trying to be a dick, it just doesn't do much for me. With all the options out there and a creative mind, this is just very basic and ho-hum. WIth logos, a lot of people DO judge a book by it's cover. If this is something that is representing you, and what you stand for/the product you produce, it wouldn't be a very strong first impression. It's like something simple from the late 70'2/early 80's.
I think something stylized could work but this might be too plain or almost seems too heavy; I don't know that I'd round the top of the camera body. I wonder how it would work to put Wallace and Photo both inside the camera?
I understand where you are going with this but something I have considered for myself is this.....

Continuity of imagery. If the LOGO is to be used on business cards...advertising...facebook pages....or Twitter...or (insert many others). And may be used on shop frontage or flyers. Also consider that you may need to add a small logo/name to your work. By reducing it to NOT be invasive or over bearing on a picture you render the logo to a black block in the corner of the picture. If it is to be used on a business card it is too larger to be an Icon in the corner with contact details unless it is on the flip side of the business card. And how will it throw the balance of advertising or flyers. All these things need to be considered before you find that final may work for one medium but not for another. Try a mock up on an average picture. See how it feels for you. Or will us use a different image/logo for each of the above....

Thanks for the input. I completely agree, there is nothing special about this logo as of yet. That is why I'm asking for help here :)
I will not be doing any weddings in the near future, however I am not opposed to moving into that field eventually, as I mature as a photographer. For now I will be concentrating mostly on senior pictures and family photos. All outdoors, I do not plan on purchasing a studio.

Tattrat, I PM'd you back.

By the way, it is one hundred percent acceptable if anyone wishes to edit any of my logo images if you think you can improve them. Any help is appreciated.

Since it was asked for, here are the other two ideas I came up with.

Obviously these are just rough drafts. And before anyone says anything, I know I forgot one "L" in Wallace for the first one.
$Logo idea 1.JPG$plainlogo.jpg
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Well, good you caught the spelling issue.

Also, they look like they were done in MS paint. The fonts just aren't good. They look like they are vertically stretched.
I have struggled with several logos since 2010 and finally decided to have it done professionally for many of the reasons stated here. The end result for me was a clean branded logo that has worked well once I took myself out of the picture. I wish you luck.

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