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Apr 27, 2014
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Any ideas on making this a better photo? I wanted muted color with more of a silvery effect. All criticisms welcome :)
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There are no restrictions that require permission to upload image files to your TPF gallery, but there is a file size limit.

However, you don't need to upload the image to your gallery, you can drag and drop the image right in your post from your computer, or you can embed the URL of where the image is hosted on some other web site by clicking in the Image icon across the top of the the post writing text editor.
OK, see above. I wasn't sure how small to reduce it to but it is now 800 x 533. Thanks
800 x 533 isn't the image file size.
The numbers 800 x 533 define the image resolution (pixel dimensions).
But, reducing the image resolution does reduce the file size.
However, you could have left the image resolution alone, and just changed the Quality value the image was saved at to reduce the file size.

Why do you want muted color with more of a silvery effect?
I suggest you globally increase the mid-tone contrast and locally add some dodge and burn exposure adjustment.
For example I would dodge Bridalveil Falls and the visible screen slopes below El Capitan.
I would burn Half Dome and the rest of that V in the background.
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