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Mar 10, 2007
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I have no real excuses for this. I was messing and it sort of worked (except in the bits where it didn't)

PS. Really don't like the border on this one, but it's too late to think about an alternative at the moment.
Do you have a week whilst I explain?

2 images, 1 of the food, 1 of the texture (see flickr for link to that).

Added a mask to the food, then selected a feathered path round the obvious oval on the texture. Invert the selection, and fill with black. This then gives you just a soft edged oval bit of food.

Next I blended the two images together using the (I think) color dodge option. This gave quite a contrasty image, which I then used the colorize option in the Hue/Saturation dialogue box. Next, shrink to size, add a bit of sharpening, plus the border, publish and be damned...
Very interesting. I have been looking at it for over 10 mins now.
This is really interesting. I can't quite explain what I like about it\what it says to me, but its like looking through a's like looking into a window of a house that looks new on the outside, yet the inside is old and deserted.... like I said, hard to explain, but I really like it. I like photos that "say" something to others and this is one of the rare ones that does just that. Great job!

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