Decent Alternative to the MB-D11???


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Nov 28, 2011
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Savannah, GA
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i'm not a big fan of the price for the MB-D11... so i am looking for a good alternative?

anybody have any opinions for a good quality brand?
'Perty much all the 3rd-party jobs are all made by the same factory, just rebranded. I've seen 'em on ebay for as low as $30.

Just remember, you get what you pay for. If you require/need/demand top quality, stick with the OEM.
i do not do it professionally. just as a hobby...

and that's what i was thinking...
well i ended up getting a cheap alternative via ebay, eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low pricesnd the build quality looks fantastic! all the buttons feel great! and the dials work just like normal!

i would recommend this for other d7000 users!
Does it have a metal body like the MB-D11 does.

Are the battery contacts, wiring, and controls the same quality as what Nikon puts in the MB-D11?

I had a Zeikos MB-D10 knockoff, and it worked OK while I had it and looked about the same as the Nikon grip, but the build quality was substantailly lower than the Nikon MB-D10 I had on my other D300.
I bought 2 D7000 knock-offs (one for me and one for another D700 user as a gift) and now i use a D700 knockoff.

Happy to report they have all worked flawlessly
the grip is plastic.

as for the feel and quality of the actual mb-d11, i wouldn't know, never handled one.
I'm not going to tell anyone not to buy the oem grip if that's what you decide, but honestly all you're paying for is the construction quality and name brand. The ~30.00 grip functionally is the same and although made of plastic compared to the mag alloy Nikon grip is nearly indistinguishable. As for durability/longevity, obviously you get what you pay for. But I'd rather pay 30.00 and take my chances it will last as long as I have the camera (which judging the way people change camera's like they change their underwear, isn't too long)....if not, it's only 30.00 for another one. That's a far cry from 250.00
My knock-offs have been indestructable. The first time I hung my heavy 70-200 and camera by the little black rapid tripod bolt I was concerned. I've done it so many times since it doesn't even cross my mind.
I bought a third party grip on eBay for my d7000 and, to be honest, it sucks. I loved it when I first got it, but all of the controls (ALL of them) eventually started working only when they wanted to and now...4 months later, don't work at all. I'm basically using it only for the extra battery and support now. Maybe I just got a lemon, but I learned my lesson...
Look at the price of the MB-D12. MB-D11 will seem like an awesome deal after that regardless of where you purchase from ;) ;) ;)
I'm in the same quandary too - buy OEM new $200+, OEM used $150+ or 3rd party $50 +/- .... I think I'm going to go OEM used. I use the black rapid rs-7 exclusively these days and I think I would have a better frame of mind know my camera & grip hanging upside down on my side is secure by a higher quality product IMHO
I bought a D7K aftermarket grip and it worked great for the first six months or so. It is now failing. The camera doesn't always recognize that it has a grip on it. The shutter button works all the time but, the other buttons don't always function properly.

Gah!!! Just looked and noticed this is a year old post! I hate it when that happens!

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