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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Agrophish, Nov 29, 2017.

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    So, I have all these slides now and had to come up with a suitable "lightbox" to do my sorting etc. Seeing as I have not shot film in more than 10 years, all of my equip. that I USED to have is long gone. After driving around for a couple hours, and seeing price tags of 60-120 for cheap crap made "somewhere", I decided to go DIY. I picked up the Sterilite 1846 (white) storage container, and the "Lights of America" (assembled in the USA) 18" Slim LED Under Cabinet light (with Aluminimum Housing). I lined the tub with 2 lengths of tin foil, slipped in the LED (cord was thin enough to slip under the lid lip) and Viola!... instant lightbox! The light was $8 and some change, the container was $4 and some change, so the whole thing cost under $14, and it works like a charm! a_2.jpg a_1.jpg

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    Nothing wrong with a little ingenuity! Reminds me, I have a small portable light box. I don't think I took the batteries out of it last time I used it. :048:

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