Do you use raw or dng?

Do you use raw or dng?

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Feb 17, 2012
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Please no debate or Mr. Spock's logical nonsense. No one is right. This thread is for general discussion and opinions.

I'm just curious, do you use raw or dng?
I use raw because it is more convenience and has metadata. I find that dng is not whole a lot of differences between raw. I think there no reason for me to convert all my raw files to dng.
DNG is raw.
Ok. Let me state very clearly. Do you use proprietary raw format straight from your camera manufacture or convert your raw files to Adobe dng format?
DNG is raw.
Nice going there SPOCK!!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

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I use my camera maker's .NEF or .CR2 format, plus I also save SOOC JPEGS and/or Lightroom or ACR-created, adjusted, refined JPEG EXPORTS.

In the past, I did convert a bunch of my FUji S2 Pro camera's raw .RAF files to .DNG, which provided a VERY substantial size savings; the S2 Pro, and the S1, S3, and S5 cameras all used a Fuji-specific interpolation formula that basically doubled the size of their images in-camera, so a "6-million" photosite camera like the S2 Pro was called a "12 megapixel" camera.

The Fuji .RAF format was popular for only a short time, and never had wide support; "most" RAW Conversion software at the time could not open .RAF files, so in the interest of moving RAW data to a more widely-readable format, I converted ALL of my .RAFs shot over about three years to .DNG files, after I had made my archive initially with .RAFs.

The thing is--at the time, RAW developing software was much cruder than it has become over the last whole decade. There WAS NO "fill light"; there existed no "clarity" sliders; highlight recovery was in its infancy; most RAW development software at that time was either totally unable to decode, or just barely able to handle Fuji's non-standard .RAF files, and Adobe's software pretty much sucked at optimizing .RAF files, while Fuji's EX COnverter software was expensive, slow, and kludgy, but decent. I figured the best course of action was to take the 50% file savings and make an all-new .DNG archive of my three years of Fuji .RAF files, and make it so they could be handled by mainstream, future software.
My camera is DNG (my digital camera that is, not my film ones! obviously) - it automatically produces a Raw and a JPEG from that. I usually save the Raw as a JPEG if I need it in that format since the quality usually seems better.
Raw = Dng = Dslr

I wonder in 10-20 years from now, if raw, dng, and dslr exist, people might get confused about digital negatives. They might ask which one are you talking about?

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