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Feb 27, 2006
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Here is a question for those who photograph for profit, or is connected to a photographic business somehow.

Have any of the above mentioned people seen any type of downturn in overall business lately, and if so to what can you attribute it to? Oil prices, overall pessimism? The war? what?
Well i'm in England, so it may not be relevent....or maybe it is?..... but my business (graphic design) has not been good the last year. I also work with an exhibition company, a media company, printing company.....and they have said the same..... some have mentioned the war, but i'm not sure how much is in that question. Generally people have been talking of a slight recession in all media and design businesses in the last two years, and i'd agree with that. Some businesses however can adapt to this by changing their media types and stratagies.... but i can imagine for a photographer there arn't many other options, similar to myself....and i refuse to learn more about web design! so i'll have to make best of what i'v got. Didn't realise you guys were feeling the effects too tho, very interesting.
One guess would be the market is full of automatic do-everything digital cameras, software, PCs, and printers that practically everybody is trying to do their own stuff now. I tried to get into the real-estate photo business in Florida and every agency I contacted had an agent in-house who did their photo work for them.
My freelance biz has seen a steady upswing since July '05. To the point of maybe quitting my work with the paper. Mostly I do interiors and product work.

I am a close with the other photogs in the area and they are super busy. I also work with photographers out of Mass. and Texas. They are constantly busy.

Working in publishing I see a lot of folks trying to work on a nickel and a prayer. Need less to say they do not last long.

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