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Apr 29, 2010
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tips? advice? any way to calm my nerves?

I know get them talking, how they met, how their wedding will be, get them relaxed.....
I have wanted to do this... (haven't had any engaged people to shoot) .... but have him lean in and whisper something ultra sweet in her ear and capture that moment just when he finishes saying it and he's satisfied with himself (cause all men are proud people :lol:) and when she is just gooey mushy in love with him all over again. :love:
I just read a book on wedding photography which had a short section on this. His approach was very portrait-centric - isolate the models by going close in to remove background distractions. In his case, the shoot was outside so this was important but wont apply if you're in a studio. He emphasized getting a mix of single and couple shots and strongly emphasized getting shots in which their emotions for each other came through (although he offered no tips for actually eliciting this ...). For future reference from a business perspective, if you plan to also shoot the wedding, he recommended scheduling the first shoot well in advance of the wedding. This will boost sales since they wont be able to delay the buy decision until all the photos are in.
Not sure if you've done it already, but just relax. They'll be just as nervous b/c the positions aren't very 'natural' when a photographer is snapping away telling them to 'hug/kiss/be cute/etc' lol.

I did my first one a few weeks back and had a blast. I went to flickr and google to see different poses that I like + ones I already had in mind.

You can check out my thread to get an idea on some shots if you'd like. Just relax :)


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