Fall leaves around the pond in N.E.


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May 9, 2012
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hi all,
Fall is in full bloom here. other than telling me the horizon is crooked, which seems to be a constant problem for me :)....any critique is helpful.
Am on a laptop and it looks lighter when I saved it. (?)
It was a cloudy, gray sky around 4-5 in afternoon.
I took a lot of angles on this but here are 3.
Thanks for looking.
Island Creek Foliage 2.jpg

Island Creek fall (1024x678).jpg

Island Creek fall 2 (678x1024).jpg
Nice job! Pretty colors, I may be tempted to bump the saturation.
No matter how many times I fuss with my laptop calibration/brightness I never seem to get perfect, either...
Hi Nancy, what a beautiful place!
I think with a little tweaking the second one is the one. The first one suffers from the sky being grey, the second is my fav with a tweak in the crop.
Autumn colours really depend on the correct white balance and I think you are a little too cool here. Shooting reflection shots like this composition is really important also, in both 2 and 3 I think there is too much water it really draws the attention because there is too much of it and a lack of contrast. I did a quick edit on #2 bringing down the blues, bringing down the blacks, sharpened and cropped, with the crop you don't lose the dock it balances the image nicely :)
Island Creek fall (1024x678)-1.JPG
Thanks Pixel, what a difference! I will play around with that. Never realized blue was even an issue.
I used to ice skate on this pond 43 yrs ago. Am back here for a volunteer gig that ended this weekend. We are on our way to N.Carolina for the winter.
You are quite welcome Nancy :) I only brought the blues down a teeny tiny bit but such a BIG difference it makes, I think it really cleans things up. It is a clunky quick edit but I think there is great potential in there. That's so cool to come back to places like this, it is good for the soul.
I agree that #2 is the one! Nice shot Nancy - gorgeous fall scene. Love the edit too Rabbit, very nice.

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