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Apr 16, 2010
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Hermitage, PA
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This was a fun shoot... Most of my time was spent with the little boy but they wanted a shot of the three of them.




BTW... This is the first time I used my 55" LED TV to edit. My monitor took a crap on me (ewww) today so I decided to try the 55... Love the LED... Blacks are so nice.
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Awww, that little "cowboy" portrait (3) is soooo cute! Makes me want to grab him out of my screen and cuddle him!
All three look good - I think my only comment is that the third seems to be a little cool compared to the first two, which are warmer.

*second look at #2 - At 4:49AM i'm noticing some vignetting, and I think it looks good in my eye.
Nice photos! What program do you edit with? What was your lighting setup (single off camera speedlight? Shoot through umbrella? Flash above/behind camera?)?
I like #2 the best but wish it wasnt too tight on the left. I love #3 as well but I feel it is a little cool. Need to warm it a little.
Thanks for the comments. I will warm #3 up a bit... I agree it needs it, thanks! Here are a couple more.


These are just great shots. Such a good family and cute boy. I noticed in #1 the boy is looking a different direction than the parents and the cool color has already been addressed.
Please share the details of what you used.
The shot of the three of them I used my 430 bounced off of the ceiling. I was standing inside of the pavilion sitting on a picnic table. This was the ONLY shot of the mother with a true smile. She has some self-esteem issues and didn't look like she was having fun. All it took for her to smile was my wife hitting me in the head with the white board.

The rest of them were taken with mostly natural light and a white board. I used the 430 for a little fill but liked to just leave it off until my remote trigger gets here.

I have been digging a little deeper into my post. I use a mixture of Lightroom3 and Photoshop CS2 and for the first time added a texture layer to a portrait (I'll have to post it later).
love the horse shot. I tried hard yesterday to get a really blurred background on my daughter and I just couldnt get it. I have an XS so its not too different from an xsi.
So cute! I love #3

Question.. Did you add a black tint around the sides (not sure if it has a name)
I see many people put "black tints" around their pictures.. just wondering why? What does it do?
These are all have a very good compositional eye and good edits/exposure, etc... I must say that the 2nd shot in the first post is my favorite.. The last shot in the last post you did is also great....what an awesome expression of a happy boy.

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