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Jul 25, 2013
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Las Vegas
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Just looking to get some critiques on some of my latest photos. See where I need to improve/ take away from the photos. Anything helps. Been doing automotive photography for almost a year now for fun and want to get some feedback. Thank you :D

$buddies.jpg$6.jpg$Redo1.jpg$1.jpg$1.jpg$Front Corner.jpg$1.jpg$2.jpg$981523_189982481159163_83019901_o.jpg$460926_189984287825649_1630719037_o.jpg
Work on your presentation.
Separating the images with white space helps them stand on their own merits.

In general they look good. 10 images is to many for detailed C&C considering the amount of time that would be involved.
Numbering images makes it much easier for people to make specific comments if more than 2 are posted.
Sorry I am not sure how to separate the images as I uploaded them individually.

Sorry I totally forgot to number images (newbie issues :D)
Number images:
1. 1st row Top Left (Subaru and Mitsubishi Front Image)
2. 1st row Top Middle (Mitsubishi Side Image)
3. 1st row Top Right (Mitsubishi Dragging Image)
4. 2nd Row Far Left (Subaru Front Mitsubishi Rear Image)
5. 2nd Row Middle ( Subaru Quarter Image)
6. 2nd Row Far Right (Honda Civic Image)
7. 3rd Row Far Left (Mitsubishi (red) Side Image)
8. 3rd Row Middle (Mitsubishi Quarter Image)
9. 3rd Row Far Right (Yellow Lamborghini Image)
10. 4th Row Far Left (White Lamborghini Rear Image)
I like them all, I also shoot a lot of automotive and own an STi, I need to upgrade my lens in order to capture cars better. What lens are you using?
Been awhile. I have been lurking on the forums and trying to gain as much knowledge as possible. Here are some of my updated photos.

$370z.jpg$troy final.jpg$Joe G25.jpg$joe g35 interior.jpg
I like the 2nd set much better; interesting backgrounds and better/cleaner lighting. But the "pose" is getting a little stale.

As much as I like cars, car photography typically bores me, so it really takes something new/unique/interesting for me to be wowed by it, as it's all the same really.

Now, the roasting marshmallows shot definitely falls into something new/unique/interesting, I just think it needs a little more help in post. It's hard to tell the car is in motion and there's a guy being dragged in the dirt. I'd try a tighter crop, bump the contrast, try to blur out the wheels a bit more, make the car actually look like it's going fast, and bring out the flame.

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