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Mar 27, 2006
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I must live somewhere.
Hello everyone. I paint and I am trying to start photography. I found a great price on a Pentax k-1000. I showed it to my mom and she told me film cameras will soon be obsolete. I was wondering if I should get this 35mm camera.My main concern is film development. How do you's get your pictures developed? how much does it cost?
First, consider that the actual cost of film and development can run from $6 to 12 per roll. This depending on the type of film and where you get it processed. This includes the cost of the actual roll, and the processing.
Yes, if the camera is in good shape, get it.

It is best to shop around for a good lab. The quickie marts and Wally World are OK for the slap happy stuff, but look for a good pro lab to do the work.
Now. On the obsolescence of film. It has been obsolete for some time now.
But some time back I was asked a question about that very issue:
I remember a magazine article out of an Outdoor magazine from the 1920’s. In this magazine the editor wrote that he had received a letter from an ‘old timer’ who was concerned that cap and ball shooting was going to die out completely. (Black powder firearms.)
The editor stated that by 1929 ALL cap and ball firearms would be gone from use, and would become a ‘wall hanger’ replaced by modern cased ammunition. All remnants of the old way of shooting would be gone.
Sound familiar?
Anyway, if you look at the numbers today, fully one third of all shooting, hunting and competition is done with ‘Cap and Ball’. So much for that theory.
Will film die out? No. Will it be relegated to ‘old timers’ and those with a few screws loose (like myself)? Yeppers. It’ll be around for some time to come.

Film photography can be slightly expensive but its worth it. The cost of film makes you plan your shots and make each one count. Although film development can be sort of expensive it isn't that bad when you compare it to buying a digital SLR which can be $500 + $100 for a lens + $50-100 for a memory card and then batteries and chargers. Pentax k-1000 is a good camera to learn on.

Welcome to TPF, and feel free to ask any questions you have :)
I agree. And if you find yourself burning through film like I do, consider learning to process it yourself and also consider buying it in bulk rolls.
You can develop BW yourself easily.
You can use the lenses from your pentax later on a digital camera.
Film will still be avaliable for quite some time
Thank you everyone. This has really helped me make my decision. Im going to buy the camera and carefully plan out my pictures and find a good lab:) This website is fabulous.

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